About Me

Where do you live? 
Just north of Norwich in a little village called Horsham St Faith.

What other interests do you have? 
Lots of Sci fi…maybe too much Sci-fi (is that even possible?), lots of cycling, landscape photography, illustration, design and all things amazing and of course my family. I have two young boys who keep me occupied, ones mad about Pokemon, the other Thomas the Tank Engine.

What advice would you give to couples looking to get married? 
When I got married I made the mistake of asking a friend to photography my wedding, it didn’t go all that well. We got a handful of shots I liked, but much of the day was missed, and its something I continue to regret to this day – even more so now that I’m a wedding photographer myself!
Find a photographer who knows what they are doing, one with confidence, and one that’s enthusiastic about what they do and enthusiastic about you and your day. If you find that photographer you can’t go wrong.

Are you insured?
I have full public liability insurance (and can supply a certificate to you/your venue if required).